Job in Progress-Fire Resistant Home Replacing Decking With Desert Crete

Hillside homes are wonderful; the views they afford, a breeze, even being above the fog layer …

One thing for sure though is hillside homes can be vulnerable to wildfire, that beautiful hill can help a fire run right up through the brush and vegetation that usually covers our local hillsides.

Our current job, which is under way now in SLO, is replacing a failed roof deck on a home that was designed and built with fire resistance in mind first and foremost.

With a metal roof, stucco siding, steel framing and triple glazed windows and doors plus a Dex-O-Tex deck system that has a Class A fire rating, the house is as fire resistant a home as you might find in California.

Unfortunately the Dex-O-Tex system had reached the end of it’s usable life span after about 20 years.

The owners searched around locally for a replacement system. They called Central Coast Waterproofing and several other local competitors too. Seeing the job, I realized that fire resistance was necessary for this job. Sure enough, the owner confirmed that in our discussion on what they were looking for and their requirements.

With an ICC report proving that we had a bonafide Class A system, our Desert Crete decking system quickly became this owners number one choice over our competitors non-classified products. The ICC report is the proof  that Desert Crete has been tested and evaluated for fire resistance, wear and tear, slip resistance and much more.

This owner needed fire resistance over any other requirement first and foremost.

With Desert Crete on their deck, they’ll get a lot more too, including a durable good looking surface. Easy to clean and wash, our Desert Crete system will provide our clients with a fire resistant surface that compliments this fire resistant home!

                  When fire resistance, beauty and toughness are requirements on your next pedestrian traffic coating project, check for an ICC report at ICC-ES website by clicking here.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300. You’ll get straight answers, straight from the owner.

 Click here to read the ICC report on Desert Crete. Yes, fire resistance is that important to us.

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