Now You Can Compare DeckTech’s, Ca Coatings & Santa Barbara Surfacing’s Products to Our DESERT CRETE in One Stop

L to R Tufflex, Westcoat ALX, NCS Granite Deck & DESERT CRETE
L to R Tufflex, Westcoat ALX, NCS Granite Deck & DESERT CRETE

I stole this idea from Food For Less. If you shop at the local grocers, you know they are always saying they are the lowest priced of any local food chain.

Food For Less puts out 4 carts of food full of brand name items that they went and bought at the local competitors and now you can compare their receipt and prices from Von’s, Ralph’s and Cookie Crock.

Now it’s time to let our clients do the same similar thing…

Now lets clear up one thing, we’re not saying we are the cheapest…

But ( I know, no starting sentences with a “But”) we are saying we have the best deck coating product in the local market.

so we’ve gathered our competitors products up and we now have samples of Tufflex from Santa Barbara Surfacing, NCS Granite Deck from DeckTech and Westcoat ALX  from California Coatings.

With one call to 805-545-8300, I’ll bring my products and my competitors products for you to compare side by side, handle and hold. Ask me as many questions as you need, I’ll point you to where you can find verification of the facts and we’ll let you, the client, decide on what is the best deck coating for your needs.

In fact, to help you, I developed a handy free questionnaire to use to interview us and our competitors with.

Download it by clicking here. You’ll open a new page at, our sister company.

Lets face it, all of us want to “sell you” the product they represent. But only one of us will take the time to educate you on the what, where and why of deck waterproofing.

Central Coast Waterproofing, where we make comparison shopping easy.

Call the owner, Bill Leys, direct at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate today. We’ll bring the samples to you.

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