Job Profile-Big or Small, We Stamp ‘Em All

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Imagine that you go away for a few days over Christmas. You turned off the hot water heater, the gas, just in case right?

What you forgot to do was clean the deck outside your bedroom of leaves and debris. While you were away, it rained. And rained some more. When you got back, you found your beautiful oak floors ruined downstairs as you get home, water everywhere. The drain on the deck had clogged with leaves, the “overflow” that was installed all those years back wasn’t connected properly and sent water down into the house instead of out into the yard.

Flash forward 7 months later after dealing with the insurance company. (True story, almost 7 months)

After all that, finally Central Coast Waterproofing came in after the deck waterproofing, tile and underlayment was torn out, the plywood replaced and the deck was treated to new bonderized flashings, a Thunderbird deck drain with brass grate and a Thunderbird overflow connected with ABS out to the ground, just in case of another overflow event.

Desert Crete decking was installed as the waterproofing system and then,

The owners decided to have a stamped finish put down. This stamp pattern is Appian Stone, or “Old World Cobblestone” in some circles. The deck was stamped, then we stained it with Superkrete stain and sealed it with Desert Brand.

This deck is now well protected against water and the elements and the drain and overflow properly installed will let the owners sleep well in the future.

For peace of mind call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

We stamp concrete pool decks, sidewalks, decks and balconies, over plywood too!

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