CCW’s Best Practices-Terminating Flashings at Outside Corners

A job we are now in Morro Bay had leaks into the framing of the building. Dry-rotted wood behind the rotted siding was found. The leak was easily traced back up to the deck above at the corner where the wall to deck metal and the edge metal joined together. A hole  where the two met, smeared with caulk was the likely culprit.

In the old days, and even now, we often hear the term “Caulk the s&8% out of it and it’ll be fine.”

Well maybe but we don’t agree.

So instead of relying on “almost as good” practices, we reply on time honored “Best Practices”.

On this job as every redo or new work, we installed new flashings, in this case copper due to ocean proximity. We ALWAYS use a shield that allows us to terminate the drip edge and L flashings into. This practice provides a leak free termination at a critical area.

Why spend perfectly good money if the work isn’t going to be done right?

Call us today for a free no obligation estimate to repair or waterproof your deck properly following best practices methods. 805-545-8300,  where the owner answers the phone!

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