FOUL! A “Review” on Our Yelp Page Violates Yelps TOS

“Lying and Manipulative. Only interested in his own agenda and will make up whatever he can, stretch the truth, and slander to make him and his company look good, and make others look bad.  Don’t waste your time with this company and this self proclaimed “Expert” ” HowNow B.

Why on earth would I highlight this “review” and bring it to your attention? Because it’s a lie.

and it violates Yelps Terms of Service agreement…and it was taken down within 2 hours of our complaint…

We’ve never bid nor done any work in Santee, near San Diego for HowNow B..

We’ve always been out there and forthright and we invite you to decide for yourself if this “review” is true or if it’s a lie.

Yelp can be a great tool, but when someone like HowNow B. hides behind an alias and posts lies about us, we won’t stand idly by.

If your a Yelp user, if you’ve used us to do any work for you, I invite you to post an honest and rigorous review about your service from Central Coast Waterproofing.

Click here to tell others how your experiences have been with Central Coast Waterproofing on Yelp!

Need references? I’ll be happy to give you a list of references…

Sorry HowNow B.,  t’s not nice to slander someone.

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