Job Profile-A Sleepover Highlights this Hermosa Beach Hillside Home Deck Replacement

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What could be more frustrating than to have a deck leak 3-4 years after you paid a lot of money to have it “fixed”?

Answer-Having 3 decks that continue to leak after you paid a LOT of money to have them fixed.

Our latest job profile focuses on a home in Hermosa Beach with 3 leaking decks. Several years back the owner has substantial repairs made to his homes decks. Dry-rotted wood, leaky decks, the whole shebang was “repaired”.

New waterproofing, new tile decks…no problems right? Wrong! Leaks occurred shortly after the job was done. Some caulk here, some caulk there…the leaks went away. Or did they?

No, they did not and ultimately we got a call from a frustrated owner who needed help. Central Coast Waterproofing came in and inspected the job. Red alerts went off with the many signs of water intrusion-water leaking into a bedroom below 2 decks, poor sloping allowing water to puddle, scuppers buried under tile and thinset so water couldn’t drain properly.

Our client wasn’t going to just buy from anyone and with several bids in hand he had choices. The choice came down to who was a better fit,  who had a better product and who was the best qualified. Who was the cheapest wasn’t part of the equation.

The job went to Central Coast Waterproofing after the client weighed all the pro’s and cons.

With a roof deck and the other decks over living space, the weather had to be right to start tearing off decking. A 10 day forecast of  clear weather allowed us to start on a bright sunny Monday in March. Within 2 days the forecast crashed and rain was coming on the weekend. Our crews moved rapidly to get the decking torn out, the new plywood down and a nailing inspection done by Friday. Except we forgot that the City was closed on Fridays due to cutbacks in hours. We’d have to wait until Monday to get an inspection.

Now we had to cover the roof over. A nervous owner watched us install a 50’x50′ poly tarp over the roof and tie in off. Plastci went down over the open walls and on the plywood deck. Off we went heading for home. Saturday morning my phone rings-it’s my client and he’s very nervous about the weather forecast of heavy rains and 50 knot winds.  “Please come back down.” he asks. “Please stay over and watch the tarp, it’s going to blow off.”

I traveled back down to Hermosa Beach and spent a weekend keeping the tarp on with sand bags weighing it down, tying and using 2×4’s to strengthen the tarp. The worst storm of the winter was spent up on the roof deck tying and taping, vacuuming small leaks up and watching and waiting. The client was very afraid the tarp wouldn’t hold and I wasn’t very confident either but couldn’t let that show. After 2 days the storm blew off and left us unscathed. No water leaked into the house! We celebrated by going  out to dinner with the client and his wife and having a couple of Margarita’s.

The roof deck  and bedroom was weathered in and finished without much more excitement. Desert Crete was installed on the decks with new flashings and scuppers.

The next phase was the kitchen deck in the back. Again, we tore off the decking and failed waterproofing. Thousands of dollars worth of tiles went into the dumpster.

And the forecast went to hell…again. Rain was coming back and this deck had dry-rotted beams and framing that needed to be fixed before we could waterproof it. Again we dragged out the tarp and covered the back of the house.

After others replaced a  30″ long 8″ x 14″ main beam that was rotted, rebuilt the columns on the deck that were rotted, and redid the plywood, we came back.  Again the deck was flashed, Desert Crete installed with sloping to the scuppers and then finished with knockdown texture and Desert Brand pigmented sealer.

The project turned out very successfully despite the weather testing us. Three new Desert Crete decks protect the the house and will let the client sleep well for years to come.

When your valuable property has deck leaks and you can’t afford to leave your deck work to fate,

call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

We’ll sleep over at your job when the need arises. Will our competitors do that for you?

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