SLO County Clients Choosing Fire Resistant Desert Crete Over Local Competitors Products

Whether you live in the oak covered hills of Atascadero or in downtown SLO, your home is at risk WHEN wildfire comes. Not if a fire comes, but when…

Stories abound of homes on the fringes of SLO that burned or were threatened when fires swept down the hills.

Over the years the codes have changed, requiring fire resistant materials be used in construction.  The Wildland Urban Interface requirements were instituted and new homes are much safer now than their counterparts.

  Common building materials that are considered fire resistant are stucco, tile or concrete roofing and metal roofing.

This wouldn't be a good time to find out your coating isn't fire resistant. Fire fighter beats flames back from the deck of a house. Photo from/property of Sac Bee. Used for educational purposes.
Westcoat ALX with WP-40 under it ignites when subjected to fire. This system's method of assembly using WP-40 does not meet ICC-ES AC-39 critriea.

For decks, we feel the best choice to protect a deck from fire is CONCRETE!

Our Desert Crete decking system is assembled using CONCRETE.

Desert Crete is listed as a Class A (ASTM E-108) fire resistant roofing material by ICC-ES. See our proof by clicking the link.

Desert Crete is listed as a One Hour (ASTM E-119) fire resistant assembly by ICC-ES. This test is optional and many manufacturer’s don’t subject their product to the testing because it’s very hard to pass.  See our proof by clicking the link.

Desert Crete has been subjected to other tests required by ICC-ES before it can be listed as a roof pedestrian traffic coating. Read about the required tests Desert Crete must pass by clicking this link here to read AC-39 at ICC’s website.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve signed up several clients due to the fire resistant qualities that Desert Crete has over our local competitors product offerings.

Our clients made decisions based on verifiable information; information that led them to decide on a better product over a cheaper price. None of these clients made their decisions based solely on price. In fact, our bid was the most expensive  bid they had received. They selected Central Coast Waterproofing over our competitors because of trust, product knowledge and fire resistance.

Let me educate you on deck coatings, giving you the information you need to make good decisions.

Call today for a free estimate and free education! Ask for Bill Leys when you dial 805-545-8300.

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