Job Profile-Morro Bay Apartment Renovation Includes Desert Crete Decking

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A small deck needs waterproofing that’s every bit as good as a large deck.

When it’s over living space, “almost as good” is a dirty word…

This job profile centers on a deck that was rebuilt during an apartment renovation in Morro Bay. The general contractor has worked with us before and I like working with him because I know I’ll not have any problems with the way the deck is built for us.

John Hesch,  general contractor in Morro Bay “brings it” as it were when it comes to doing a job well. he’s meticulous, focused and results oriented. This deck was no exception. Take a look at the pictures of the blocking. Most carpenters would just cut 2″ x 4″‘s and air gun them in between the joists. John’s detail includes an extra 2x nailed to the joist and the block notched to fit and nailed perfectly. The plywood decking is nailed down perfectly for us, it’s staggered to avoid seams showing and gapped to allow for normal expansion and contraction.

Look at the post details to see how they were waterproofed in even though they penetrate the deck. AZEK post covers were used to cover the post and our flashings. A job well done between John and CCW to ensure waterproof integrity.

Our job is made so much easier when I can send a crew to a job that I know is done well. We came in after the repairs/construction was completed and began by flashing the edges, posts, door and wall to deck. Desert Crete was installed with a easy to care for and maintain knockdown textured finish with 2 coats of Desert Brand pigmented sealer.

This apartment’s value is increased with a low maintenance damage resistant deck. It’s low cost of ownership combined with it’s durability offers a good return on the investment. John Hesch knows the value of paying a little more to get a better value. We’re glad to work with him and provide a high quality product on this project off Main Street in Morro Bay.

One thought on “Job Profile-Morro Bay Apartment Renovation Includes Desert Crete Decking

  1. Thanks for the positive comments Bill. It’s reassuring to know that I have a company that I can depend on for walking-deck installations. You have the expertise and experience that is necessary, but difficult to find in your field. Thanks for the dependable and reliable results I get when we work together.

    John Hesch


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