Job Profile-Negative Side Waterproofing & Crack Repair With Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing

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A  tile deck above the parking spaces in a garage was leaking down through the plaza deck onto expensive cars parked below.

Seeking to avoid tearing out the tile finishes, disrupting the condo owner and avoid the costs of all that, Central Coast Waterproofing attacked the problem from below.

Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing was used to stop water from coming through the concrete plaza deck.

Cracks in the slab were routed open using Makita 4″ grinders and diamond wheels. Husky air chisels opened the cracks up to a depth of apx 1 1/2″ deep.

Kryton Plug, Barricote and T1 and T2 were then applied to the wet down cracks and the ceiling of the garage.

A 72 hour wet cure process was then done, spraying the surfaces with water to encourage crystal growth into the concrete, closing the capillaries up.

After 2 weeks, the cracks remain damp, but no water actively leaks out of the cracks or ceiling where Kryton was applied. Expensive cars can now be parked with confidence that they won’t get dripped on with calcium rich water that stains and damages painted finishes.

When your parking garage leaks and digging and removal of materials is out of the question, Kryton and Central Coast Waterproofing can probably solve your water intrusion issues at an economical cost without a lot of downtime.

Call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing consultation today.

We offer factory backed service, warranties and job inspections through Kryton sales representatives.

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