Job Profile-Marlo West HOA Deck Repairs

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“Thank you! the job looks absolutely beautiful. I just knew you were the best.

Many Thanks, Karen”

Big or small, Central Coast Waterproofing does them all…

Marlo West HOA was searching for someone to fix one small deck of theirs.

Local competitors told them too small, too busy, we don’t need the work…

They called us and we told them yes where others said no.

Some of our best clients come from a small job and then they invariably give us a lot of jobs after they see how we did for them.

This deck at Marlo West was failing on the edge; a urethane coating had peeled away from the flashing and allowed water to intrude. We came in, opened the flashing, opened the walls and installed new flashings. We then installed Desert Flex over the old urethane deck to provide a new waterproof surface that will last for years with a little maintenance.

For your next job, call the company that says YES, you are important!

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for your free estimate today.

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