Job Profile-Desert Crete Enhances View Of Morro Bay

Our latest job is on Shasta Ave in Morro Bay; we are repairing a ocean view urethane deck that has some leaks at the outer edge. The client selected Desert Crete as being superior to the products local competitors were trying to sell him.

The deck has burned up from UV exposure and is on it’s last legs, despite being only 12 years old. Lack of maintenance killed it, these urethane decks need cleaning and  resealing for UV resistance about every 3-5 years.

We’ve removed about one foot of the outer plywood, flashing and coating and installed new plywood and flashing. Then we installed Desert Crete decking over the existing urethane coating.

The owners will now have an easy to care for finish, with little maintenance and repair worries.

Let me show you why spending a little more gets you so much more than what our competitors offer you-

Call Bill Leys, The Deck expert, for your free estimate and proposal for your next project.


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