Central Coast Waterproofing’s Picture Album Is On Facebook-A Step by Step To How We Stamp Over Existing Concrete

Improve Your Property's Appearance
Improve Your Property's Appearance

Are you thinking of jack-hammering  that old gray concrete slab in the back yard out to put in pavers or pour a new slab? How does your pool deck look? Worn and boring? Want to upgrade the look of your pool, patio or deck inexpensively without the hassles and noise of demo’ing it all out?

Then consider the alternative-thin stamping over the existing slab with Central Coast Waterproofing’s talented staff.

We can fix the cracks on the deck, hiding them (or sometimes we make them part of the decor). We can re-slope your low spots where puddles form every time it rains…We can make your ugly gray concrete slab come alive!

Take a look at our photo album we posted on our Facebook page and see how we transform a plain deck into a tiled/stamped overlay that grabs your attention.

While you are there, “Like” us and if you have us do any concrete stamping work, when we hand you our bill, make sure you let us know you are our “Friend” and I’ll deduct 2% off…but this offer is only for FRIENDS who “LIKE” us. Offer expires May 1st. No other discounts apply.

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