Job Profile-Brentwood Condo Roof Deck Gets Desert Crete’d & Stamped To Look Like Tile

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One of our larger jobs of 2010 just recently was completed in Brentwood/Los Angeles last week.

General contractor Cal Building & Maintenance of Hawthorne ,  selected Central Coast Waterproofing to install Desert Crete to the roof deck.

The condo building on Darlington in Brentwood had leaked from the roof since it was first occupied 3 years ago.

Tile deck waterproofing had failed or wasn’t done right and water leaked into million dollar units…investigation found that the system was not a proper waterproofing system and the whole deck had to come out…3600 square feet of tile, underlayment and “waterproofing” got ripped out in sections.

Central Coast Waterproofing then waterproofed each open section with Hill Brothers Desert Crete decking system, sloping the negatively sloped plywood to the drains that were located at the highest point of the deck.

After all areas of the deck were dried in, the decorative finish stage of the job was begun.

A faux tile finish was selected, using 12×12 and 24×24 inch tile patterns. A Begian slate stamped finish using stamps from Pro-Line were used to stamp the deck to a 1/8″ stamp.

Super-Krete stains were used to stain the deck to mimic th existing tiles colors.

Then we sealed the deck with Desert Brand water based sealer.

For the first time this condo deck is leak free. The rains LA experienced in December/January tested the roof severely and we passed with flying colors.

When failure is not an option, when needing the best qualified contractor is more important than using the cheapest contractor, then you’ll call us.

Cal Building and Maintenance  has their choice of contractors in Los Angeles to install Desert Crete…why did they have a contractor from 150 miles away do the work? Trust. They had to know that there wasn’t going to be any problems on high profile upscale project and they knew they could trust Central Coast Waterproofing to come through for them.

When you need your contractor to come through for you, call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 in Ventura/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo. In Los Angeles/Orange County 424-235-3196 and up in Monterey/Santa Cruz areas 831-244-0874

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