Job Profile- Mer-Kote Tile Deck Waterproofing System on 17 Decks/3500 square feet

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Central Coast Waterproofing recently completed a job where we provided a dual membrane waterproofing and re-inforced underlayment system from Mer-Kote/Parex LaHabra for a tile deck system on a private custom home in northern California.

The large job consisted of flashing the decks using all copper for the deck to wall and drip edges, waterproofing the plywood decking, then installing a 1″ bed of underlayment to the decks. A second waterproofing application using Mer-Kote’s ARC (Anti-Reflective Crack) waterproofing.

Mer-Kote’s long time affiliation the TCNA, ICC-ES report for the ARC as a tile waterproofing membrane and the general contractors experience with Mer-Kote on past projects was the reason for the product selection.

Central Coast Waterproofing’s experience with tile deck waterproofing systems, it’s commitment to doing the work properly and a hands on owner convinced the contractor that we were their best choice to do the work.

Some Stats-

540 50# Bags of underlayment went down

3000 lineal feet of copper flashings

180 gallons of ARC waterproofing

6 rolls of polyester reinforcing fabric

1200 + man hours

A lot of work on an expensive home where failure was not an option.

When failure is not an option on your next tile deck project, call me,

Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a personal consultation.



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