First Look at a Stamped & Stained Faux Tile Finish Over Desert Crete Decking




Earlier we announced our selection as sub contractor to Cal Building & Maintenance to install Desert Crete to a 3500 sq foot roof deck.
After a lot of work installing the waterproofing and stucco,  we certainly are proud that the deck succesfully passed an ardous water test from all the rain we got in the last couple weeks.
Now finally with the return of warmer weather we are stamping and staining a faux tile finish using Desert Crete texture with Super- krete stains over a taped out tile pattern.
Here is a pic to see the final finish…next we will clear seal the finished deck using Desert Brand clear CMFPS.

Be sure to call Bill at Central Coast Waterproofing for your stamped concrete,  acid staining, epoxy or concrete coatings at 805-545-8300. Free estimates and quality work.

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