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It’s almost a given that when I bid on new construction, I don’t get the job…to much money, over our budget, got a much cheaper bid…yada yada yada. General Contactors are typically looking at saving money, especially on items that no one sees or understands the value of.

This commercial building in Bakersfield is a perfect example-it has 2 decks on the second floor, over office space below. The decks were installed (we discovered) out of sequence where waterproofing materials were not applied to every square inch due to a faux stone veneer being attached first to the stucco wall. The urethane was not able to be applied under the stone, thereby allowing water to intrude into the offices below.

For a large busy electrical contractor, this was not acceptable. After the original contractors didn’t get the problems fixed,the owner called Sorci Construction for help.

Sorci Construction of Bakersfield retained Central Coast Waterproofing to provide the deck coatings and flashings. After the demo work was done, we installed flashings to the perimeter and Desert Crete to the deck.

Finally, no more deck leaks!

For your next project, when waterproofing it right is more important than just getting it done, call us, the Deck Experts-Central Coast Waterproofing at 805-545-8300

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