Job Profile-Doing Brown Acid (Stain) In Bakersfield Over Desert Crete Decking

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Sorci Construction in Bakersfield had a client in the Stockdale Estates area with an older Mer-Ko deck system. The deck system had been coated over with a urethane and it was now slowly failing. Sorci searched for a contractor who could install a high quality system on a high end home.

Central Coast Waterproofing proposed Desert Crete decking for it’s tough resistance to the beating Bakersfield sun while also meeting code requirements for Class A fire resistance.

After Sorci Construction demo’d the old deck system and repaired some damaged plywood underneath,

Central Coast Waterproofing installed new L flashings to the deck to walls, and edge/drip flashings. The deck was waterproofed with Desert Crete decking, with sloping built into the deck assembly to provide 1/4″ per foot fof fall.

After the deck was waterproofed, we then textured the deck with a white cement to enhance the acid stain application we then applied. Using Scofield Classic Stain, we stained the deck, let it work and then neutralized the stain and rinsed the deck. After letting the moisture evaporate from the concrete, we applied clear Masterseal to the stained surface.

Masterseal is a UV resistant sealer that utilizes ceramic granules to help reflect heat, a necessity in Bakersfield.

The deck looks great, the owners are pleased and Sorci Construction is too.

For your next deck project that requires a top quality system installed by a top quality contractor,

call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

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