Job Profile-Client In Aptos Learned The Hard Way Not To Hire Unlicensed Contractors

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Date-Approximately 2 years ago…a client hires a contractor to “waterproof and Tile” her deck on a cute cottage in Aptos CA. The contractor is not licensed, but he was very nice and helpful…seemed to know what he was doing…til that first rain came. Caulked a few things around on the deck…seemed to help, for a while.

But really it didn’t…the deck leaked into the house and garage…calls made not returned and then the phone for the contractor is dead. Can’t find him…gone with $20,000.00 of hard earned money.

The new general contractor knew enough that the deck had problems. A search on the Internet finds Central Coast Waterproofing, along with a couple of local Santa Cruz area contractors.

 I came and spoke with the General Contractor,  and his client, the owner of the house. Our discussion started with redoing tile, but I showed her a sample of Desert Crete decking and more talk about prices led to a final decision to use Desert Crete as it is a Traffic capable surface and cost was a factor in replacing the deck.

The general contractor tore off the defective tile, underlayment and waterproofing down to the plywood. Fortune smiled on the client as there was very little dry-rot damage to the substructure.

We installed new Door pans to 3 openings, 2 Thunderbird Products deck drains, new L flashings to the deck to walls and an overflow scupper. Then with metal lath we installed a cricket in the center of the deck to divert water. Desert Crete was installed and afater the walls/siding were repalced and painted, we textured the deck and sealed it with 2 coats of Desert Brand CMFPS sealer.

This job cost the client another $20,000 on top of the money spent prior. This all could have been avoided if she had only called Central Coast Waterproofing first.

The happy part of the story is that even with all the record setting rains after we finished, there was NOT ONE LEAK!

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