Job Profile-Desert Flex Fixes Decks At a Ventura Apartment Complex

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An apartment complex in Ventura with large waterproof decks on every apartment rivaling the size of many modest homes and apartments has found an economical way to replace their older Mer-Kote decks that were damaged by a painter’s brutal pressure washing job.

Several years ago the complex, during a re-paint of the buildings, also let the deck cleaning and re-painting contract to the painting firm. They promptly, without any previous experience, took pressure washers to the Mer-Kote covered decks and water blasted them “clean”. Clean of the top coat, the body coat and in some cases, went clear down to the slip sheet.

The resulting damage to the decking has caused the owners to realize that the 30 cents psf cost to clean and repaint they paid to the painter was not a good value…

As a Mer-Kote installer, we looked at the decks and ran some numbers to redo decks with Mer-Kote materials. The costs were high and the complex knew that even with the repairs, they still had a maintenance issue with the required cleaning and resealing every 3 years.

We ran numbers to strip the decks of the Mer-Kote and replace them with Desert Flex, an acrylic/fiberglass reinforced system designed to be applied over concrete substrates. With the lower cost of ownership that the Desert Flex system offers, plus the advantage of they being able to clean and repaint the decks without having to pay us every time, the Desert Flex system quickly rose to the top choice as a replacement for the existing decking.

As apartments turn over, we come in and quickly strip off the Mer-Kote decking and discard it. Grinding off the edges  and replacing drains as necessary, we then apply a bond coat over the concrete substrate and then apply the Desert Flex system painted a custom color supplied by Life Paints Life Deck 10 Series deck sealer.

The Desert Flex system looks great, increases the rental rates a slight bit and gives our clients peace of mind that the deck is waterproof.

If your apartment or condo complex has deck problems, don’t let it get you down!

Call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at Central Coast Waterproofing 805-545-8300 today for a fast free estimate to repair, replace or maintain your Mer-Kote, Desert Brand, Dex-O-Tex, or other deck system. Don’t let a painter cost you big money with a low bid for work they don’t understand.