Job Profile-Condo in Solvang With Failed Tile Deck Waterproofing Renovated By Central Coast Waterproofing

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Sorry I haven’t been updating our job files of late; we’ve been busy saving decks from Los Angeles to San Fransisco over the last 30 days…


going back in the time machine to August/September, here’s a job in Solvang CA on Aarhus at a condo complex we take care of.

This deck had a Mer-Kote traffic coating deck system that was covered over with tile. Mer-Kote has waterproofing systems designed for tiling over but their Weatherwear system isn’t.

The complaint was from the resident below, that water was running out of the stucco after it rained. Upon examination, we found tile had been installed over the waterproofing.

Tearing it off, we found lots of dry-rot in the joists, costing about $1000 in extra repairs over our original estimate. New plywood, new joists, new Desert Crete decking with new scuppers to drain the water out and this deck was back in good shape.