When The Fires Come, Will Your Home Fight or Burn?

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It’s wildfire season again (still?) here in California.

When the fires come, are you prepared?

Is your home defensible?


Homes that survive have common attributes-

Cement/Tile Roofs

Stucco (cement) Siding

Cement Based ICC-ES  Class A and One Hour Fire rated Deck Assemblies

(such as Desert Crete decking from Hill Brothers)

Central Coast Waterproofing specializes in installing fire resistant deck assemblies.

Buy anything else and you could just be burning up money, pun intended.

Helpful hints for fire readiness-

Flying embers landing on decks and roofs can start fires long before the real fire get to your house. Clean leaves and debris off, remove firewood, lighter fluid and charcoal. Wood/plastic furniture should be put away.

Use fire resistant building materials such as concrete, stone, stucco etc.

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