Deconstructing a Failed Tile Deck

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How to screw up the deck on your multi-milllion dollar home with cheap waterproofing and a wrong candidate for tile, in 9 easy steps…

  1. Be sure to use small joists (8″ or so) 16″ on center instead of the recommended 10″ +  joists, 12″ on center.
  2. Cut holes for wires and pipes through the joists to further weaken them.
  3. Just use 3/4″ plywood on those joists instead of the recommended 1″ minimum. Use OSB in some areas for good measure to hasten decay.
  4. Be sure all door thresholds are barely above the height of the deck, to ensure they trap water later on when tile is installed.
  5. Don’t install a mortar bed for a firm fixed substrate for the tile to adhere to.
  6. Don’t allow for normal expansion and contraction of the grout/tile. Bring grout up to flashing, instead of leaving a gap to be filled with flexible urethane caulk that will move.
  7. Install a lath/cement and urethane waterproofing from a manufacturer who says that it will work for tile, but hasn’t actually independently tested it to verify their claims. Ignore ICC approved systems for worst results.
  8. Don’t call Central Coast Waterproofing at 805-545-8300 for tile ready waterproofing and mortar bed assemblies from Mer-Krete Products that are ICC -ES tested and approved, and installed by trained craftsmen.
  9. Insist on the cheapest waterproofing system you can buy, after all, how else will you be able to afford that fancy tile we’ll need to throw away in a few years when the whole thing fails?