Job Profile-Re-Coloring a Stamped Driveway With New Look’s Concrete Solid Color Stain

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Playa Vista California-Cal Building and Maintenance is a client of ours who specializes in apartment complex renovations and HOA work.

They have a driveway at an apartment community that another, now no longer working for them contractor had stamped with an overlay. The job turned out poorly with the coloring process and after several attempts to rectify the color problems, the sub stopped returning calls from CBMI.

CBMI asked us to see what could be done, their client is a major apartment complex owner, in the top 10 of the largest apartment management companies in the US. The high end apartments in Playa Vista rent routinely for $2,000 and up. The driveway did not reflect the quality finishes at the property.

We first determined that the stamping itself was ok, but the color and sealer were wrong. Tire marks on the sealer wouldn’t come out with a lot of scrubbing and elbow grease.

We started by using SoyGel environmentally friendly stripper to remove the sealer and stain. SoyGel is manufacturered by Franmar Corporation and uses soy by products in their formula. Applying at the rate of 1/8″ of gel over the surface, we then covered the driveway with plastic to reduce evaporation. While we relaxed and went to lunch, we left the SoyGel to work it’s magic. Coming back a few hours later, we began stripping the concrete deck.

Using a wet dry vac and water, we rinsed the gel off. Then we pressure washed the deck at 3500 psi to remove any last bits of color and to open the pores of the concrete to accept the new color.

Our choice of products to recolor the driveway focused on NewLook International. Newlook is the originator of concrete recoloring products, starting back in the 80’s. Copycat products now abound, but we decided to stay with the tried and true.

Applying NewLook’s Light Gray solid color stain in 2 applications, we were able to restore the look of the driveway in just a couple days time. Allowing for cure times, the driveway was back in operation after 36 hours of drying. The new color greatly improves the appearance of the driveway and has made the client happy.

Another great job by Central Coast Waterproofing.

NewLook has products that can reduce concrete temperatures by 40-100 degrees, recolor bad acid staining jobs, integral colored pool decks and sidewalks and much more, for a fraction of the price.

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