Job Profile-Central Coast Waterproofing Installs Stainless Steel Flashings & Desert Crete to Waterproof A Deck In Arroyo Grande

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Our best customers are informed, educated and astute; they know they want high quality, are willing to pay for it and as long as their questions and concerns are answered/allayed, will make good decisions.

Our latest job comes about courtesy of DeckTech, Inc of Grover Beach. The client hadn’t even talked to us, they had got a quote from DeckTech, Inc. had some questions about the work and contract, and after the first round of questions were done, the client had a few more questions. DeckTech apparently didn’t like being questioned according to my client, who told me that DeckTech told him not to sign the contract, they didn’t want the job…to many questions and they were the contractor after all, don’t cha know?

So the client turned to the phone book and found Central Coast Waterproofing. I came and looked at the job and we talked and they had questions and hey, I’m happy to answer and educate my clients. We talked and talked, they had questions, I got them answers. As many answers as they needed to make them comfortable with us and so they signed for a complete tear off of their existing tiled deck that had rusted flashings.

We tore off the tile and plywood to discover some dry-rotted beams that required replacement first before we could finish. Calling on Terry Hayes of Energy Design Homes of Arroyo Grande, Terry and his crew replaced three main beams carrying the outside of the deck and replaced a column that had rot in it too.

Returning to the job, we installed stainless steel drip and L flashings to the substrate. Our top of the line Desert Crete decking system with a tile finish over the waterproofing will complete the job.

Central Coast Waterproofing specializes in answering your questions and taking care of your high end home that require high end waterproofing and top quality staff to install the waterproofing and required flashings correctly.

If your next project requires a flawless installation of waterproofing for decks or  tile roof decks, call California’s authority on waterproofing-Central Coast Waterproofing. 805-545-8300. We travel for the right jobs throughout California.

Watch for us in a town near you-we’ll be working in San Clemente, Humboldt County and Brentwood in July and August.