Job Profile-Maintenance of A Shell Beach Deck With Mer-Kote Weatherdeck

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Central Coast Waterproofing recently completed the repairs and maintenance re-sealing to a deck on Vista Del Mar in Shell Beach CA. Originally installed 8 years ago by another contractor who is no longer located in California, the deck needed some repairs to make it look as good as it did when it was originally installed. The deck is part of an addition done by Clean Cut Construction of Arroyo Grande, Tom Murray.

The deck had not been maintained in the past and there were a few issues that had developed. The deck coating had  some straight cracks in several areas and some nail pops along with one area of squeaky plywood necessitated some cutting open of the waterproofing to make repairs below.With high fog and rain in the area, probably the plywood had swelled up and dried out causing these issues? I’m not sure…

Mer-Kote decking relies on maintenance top coats to keep UV from damaging lower layers. In Shell Beach the UV can be severe. The cracks I originally thought were along plywood seams, however, that theory was negated after we opened the coating. No seams! The only possible culprit, a seam of Mer-ko seam tape…so we’ll have to check and see what develops again in the way of cracks in the future for the client.

We used genuine Mer-Kote materials to preserve the integrity of the system and warranty  and patched the deck back together, then applied two coats of Mer-Ko’s sealer . As the sole authorized dealer of Mer-Kote in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura, you can trust your repairs and resealing needs to Central Coast Waterproofing.

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