Why Do Top Contractors Insist on Using Central Coast Waterproofing For Their Deck, Tiled Deck or Below Grade Waterproofing and Epoxy Coating Applications? Because They’re Interested In Getting Top Quality Over A Low Price…That’s Why.

In the years I spent as a salesperson for various waterproofing companies, I knew that service and quality were important. I made and keep my reputation as a in demand contractor by  keeping my word and providing the best in service, selection and quality.

I analyzed my old companies- their strengths and weaknesses and I resolved to build my company using the model I developed. It’s pretty simple, and has been the secret to our success.

Products-use only the best proven products. To that end we use only ICC-ES approved products on our jobs. Tested, evaluated, time tested products. Products that have made the cut-Desert Brand decking, Mer-Kote Decking and Tile Waterproofing/Isolation Membranes, Life Deck and Kretus Epoxies, Carlisle, Tremco and C.I.M. Below grade waterproofing products.

Staff-hire the best crews, pay them well, by the day, let them work at a pace that allows time to properly install the products. No piece workers here, running against the clock to maximize their income like most other companies do. That puts your job at extreme risk of failure in the future. My staff knows they’ll make a good wage, have less stress  and consistently produce high quality work.

Supervision/Communication-in my time as an estimator, I saw the need for supervision and communication with the field staff. As owner of Central Coast Waterproofing, I don’t just send a crew to your job. I am there on your job too-making sure that everything is right. By being present, it alerts my crew that I care and they better care too.

When a problem or question arises, I am on the scene, communicating with my staff and with the project manager, owner, contractor…and making sure that the problem or question is cured, not glossed over.

I  take responsibility for the proper execution of your job, I am the one who will answer the phone, I am the one who is on site at your job. The buck stops here, with me. No excuses, none.

You can buy cheaper products, you can hire a cheaper waterproofer. My clients won’t-for the simple reason that they don’t want to bear the risks inherent in taking the cheaper bid and cheaper products. My clients through out California, from Humboldt County to Monterey/Carmel, out to Fresno/Central Valley, down to Santa Barbara, LA and Orange County, all want Central Coast Waterproofing to do their job.

I invite you to try Central Coast Waterproofing-see the difference for yourself. My sales pitch is simple, try us once, watch us work and you’ll never ask me again why I get what I charge, because you’ll see the value in the service and quality I offer. I’ll stake my name on it.

The following clients welcome my competitors to call them and seek out their business-it keeps us honest and on our toes. If you can lure them away, then good on ya. I’m not worried about losing these clients. They appreciate the value that they get from me. You’ll have to offer better value and better service and if you can do that, then I deserve to lose my customers.

Cal Building & Maintenance  General Contractor Los Angeles

CAMC Services-HOA Management Long Beach

All Seasons Restoration General Contractor Oxnard

Gold Coast Management HOA Management Thousand Oaks

Muvaney Construction- General Contractor San Juan Capistrano

Energy Design Homes General Contractor Arroyo Grande

Vega Investments-Property Management Monterey

We appreciate their business, but more importantly we value and appreciate their trust in us to do their jobs. We are very grateful to our loyal clients! Please join them today.