Job Profile-Tiled Deck Hides Massive Damage-All Because of A Bad Flashing Installation

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Many homeowners love the look of tile.They have it in their homes, on the floors of their kitchens, baths, sometimes in the living rooms…and they love tile on their decks. Before tiling a deck though, the deck needs to be waterproofed. Many homeowners will spend a lot of money on their tile, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on properly waterproofing the deck first. They go cheap on waterproofing…

But how much damage can be caused by poor flashing and cheap waterproofing under a tiled deck?

This deck in Arroyo Grande that we started is a tiled deck, the only visible problem- some rusted edge flashings. There’s a couple cracks in the stucco underneath too.

We opened the deck, removing the whole thing-tile, waterproofing, plywood, right down to the joists. The deck plywood had stucco come up to  the same level, strange detail. There is a metal strip under the drip edge covering the stucco edge. It’s rusted. There’s damage underneath to the plywood. Keep going-We found a couple of 2×8’s with some damage, and remove those. With the removal of the joists, the true damage was revealed.

Three massive 6″ x 14″ x 20′ long beams support this deck over columns. The beams are ROTTED, water intrusion has caused about $25,000 in hidden unknown damage to the framing. Add my bill of $12,000 and whatever savings there was on the first waterproofing job just got wiped out.

Add another angry homeowner to the list of bad deck waterproofing jobs…

I bid many a job that will have a waterproofing membrane under a tiled deck. I bid to do the job right, with dual membrane waterproofing layers, double edge flashing, and reinforced underlayment for the tile to have a fixed firm base. I use Mer-Ko products, they being one of a very few who actually submit their materials to independent testing labs to confirm their claims that their product is suitable for tile deck waterproofing.They have ICC-ES reports to prove they got the right stuff…and Mer-Kote is regularly spec’d for tile waterproofing by leading architects and specifiers.

A proper job with Mer-Kote products can run $20+ per square foot. I don’t get a lot of  tile waterproofing jobs, again, mostly because I’m to high on my price…compared to who and what? And just exactly how long did you want the stuff to last? 5 years? 10 Years? 30 Years?

Consider the alternatives in the San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara areas-

The Santa Barbara based competitor who want to throw down Tufflex over metal lath? The crap re-emulsifies under tile when exposed to periods of water exposure. Unproven, no testing, no ICC report.

The  local competitor who sprays Nevada Coating Systems polyurea? Unproven, no testing. No ICC report…

The competitor who has Westcoat ALX Under Tile system? Again, show me their ICC report…they don’t have one for under tile.

So all your getting with those systems are manufacturer’s claims. Well they can claim anything they want, but the proof is in the testing of the products and issuance of ICC reports verifying the claims. No ICC report? I smell BS.  I tell waterproofing manufacturer’s salespeople-Show me the ICC report…or get the hell out of my office and quit wasting my time.

I bid against these products and all the customer sees is a lower price. They are about to put down tile worth $5, $8, even $10 per square foot, over cheap waterproofing.

Great waterproofing is one of those things that costs money. After the tile is down, you’ll never see it, touch it or even appreciate it. It’ll just be there, doing what it’s DESIGNED to do.You’ll only appreciate it when your neighbors deck is being torn down because of poor workmanship and materials and your standing on a dry tight deck done by Central Coast Waterproofing watching the work next door.

Cheap waterproofing is one of those things that is like a cold sore-you never know when it’s going to erupt on ya or how much damage it will cause. But no one loses any sleep over it, until it erupts.

Central Coast Waterproofing specializes in the correct application of waterproofing and the required flashing’s to terminate the waterproofing to. We seek to provide great service and waterproofing products that we can stand behind (an on!) without fear of failure.

If you want and appreciate great waterproofing for your deck, tiled or otherwise, consider Central Coast Waterproofing and it’s team of skilled installers. Call Bill Leys for a free personal consultation at 805-545-8300.

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