Job Profile-One Deck At A Time, A Homeowners Association Takes Control of Their Decks

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How many HOA’s are there with decks going bad out there? My guess is lots, I see bad decks everyday. All to often, the HOA says we can’t afford to fix all our decks. Maybe that’s true, but it’s just as likely that they can afford to do one or two decks at a time and over a 3-5 year plan, get their decks under control.

That’s just what Hillcrest HOA in Arroyo Grande California has done. They knew they had problems with leaks and dryrot, they knew they had to fix them, they knew they didn’t have the money to do them all at once.

Teaming up with Energy Design Homes in Arroyo Grande, Central Coast Waterproofing and Energy Design worked with the HOA  and it’s management company, B & W  Management, to come up with a plan to renovate the decks over 5 years time.

While our work was relatively minor in dollars, the dry-rot and termite damage wasn’t. Construction costs are higher and the most severely damaged units were prioritized first, then the other decks were fixed later on.

Total decks replaced-16. The HOA is now protected from further damage with Desert Crete decking, replacing the old indoor-outdoor carpeting/hot mop system that caused so much damage when they failed.

Whether your HOA can afford to do a 100 decks at once, or only 1-2 at a time, our specialty is taking care of the client’s interests. Call me, Bill Leys, for a free quote on your decks repairs or replacement. We go just about anywhere in California, so call us at 805-801-2380 today!