Job Profile-Shell Beach Home’s Roof Deck is Torn Asunder & Redone With Desert Crete

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My last post said I never get the job when the house is being built because I’m to expensive; but I do get a LOT of work redoing decks. That said, i’m grateful to my competitors who do such lousy work, they will be keeping me busy for years to come by the looks of it. This job in Shell Beach on Boeker Ave is no exception…

This job started as a small “fix a few cracks and clean and repaint my roof deck for me” type job. Less than $2,000, it would be a nice fill in job to keep us busy for a few days…so I thought.

Day one we cracked open the cracks…hello dolly! We found one problem after another. Deck not installed right, no drains installed, just pipes that looked like drains, flashing rusted, not enough staples, on and on, anything that could be done wrong, was…by a local, been around for a long time competitor, about 6 years ago.

Long and short, the deck had to be torn off all the way. We protected the homes surfaces with plywood and tarps, then we did so, taking the decking down to the plywood, and then opening the stucco all around, taking out rusting flashing. All of the old deck waterproofing materials went off the roof to a dump trailer.

New flashings were installed, six new Thunderbird 4″ bowl deck drains were put in, crickets between the scuppers went in and then we put down Desert Crete. Over 550 square feet of Desert Crete now protects this million + dollar ocean view property.

The stucco was repaired by our staff of talented craftsmen, the deck finish was an orange peel with Sandalwood sealer from Desert Brand. A great job that should have been done 6 years ago…

For your next waterproofing and deck coating project, can you afford to not have the very best? Call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for your job anywhere in California.

You’ll see whay I say, Desert Crete can’t be beat!