Job Profile-Oceanfront Cambria Home Remodeled-Gets Desert Crete with Copper Flashings

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As I often say in my posts, many times I’ve bid jobs for contractors and I don’t get the job because

“Your price is higher than the others.”

I tell them it’s because we’re better- we spend time on the details that make a job leak free. We give you and your client peace of mind, knowing that the deck will be done right, with the highest quality materials available.  Often times it takes a competitor’s screw ups on a previous job to get the contractor to finally listen to me. That was the case here on this job…

I’d bid work before for Wes Torrell of Wes Torrell Construction- I never got the job. Same answer as before, to much money compared to so and so. Well on one job Wes had some issues with his deck guy. The next job Wes had, he asked me again to bid. I was not the cheapest bid he got, but after the shenanigans with the other deck guy, Wes was ready to listen.

I told him “Wes, we are not the cheapest, we are the best. Once you see our work, watch what and how we do our details and the waterproofing products we use, you’ll be sold. Once you see us work, you’ll never again ask why I get ask for the money I charge.”

Well on this million dollar home, Wes couldn’t afford to have cheap waterproofing. The house is on Windsor in Cambria, a block from the ocean. Water/fog and wind is a fact of life up here. Water intrusion with any house is NOT AN OPTION and on the decks, Wes couldn’t fool around. He liked what I told him and we got the job.

The house was being flashed and finished with copper, and the deck flashing was to be copper as well. On many coatings, adhesion is an issue with copper. Properly prepared, it can be done, but the devil is in the details.

The decks were flashed with copper, primed and waterproofed. The scuppers on the front deck got copper counter-flashing on the exterior side, to ensure the weather facing deck would not leak in past the building paper cut around the scuppers openings. The building paper can now be lapped up under the shield and down over so to form a weatherboard, water will run off and out.

Details make the difference. The counter-flashing is so often left off on many jobs I see my competitors doing, but never on ours.  Costs about $25.00 for that copper you see in the picture…not much for such a critical detail!

For this job we installed Desert Crete over plywood, crickets in between the scuppers to properly drain water off went in between the scuppers. See the picture for the detail.

The home was finished after we weathered in the deck with a construction coat. A big advantage Desert Crete offers over “soft” competitors products is that unlike Tufflex and polyurethanes, it can take a licking and still perform. Construction traffic and working on top of it won’t harm our stuff.

A few weeks ago, we came back and applied out texture and sealer to the decks. The house was finished in a painted shingled style, very classy and charming with copper finishing off the gutters, roof top penetrations and the corbels.

A great job by Wes Torrell, Issac Montgomery and the other trades who worked on this project.

For your next deck waterproofing project, consider the benefits of Desert Crete decking installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Ask Wes Torrell who he wants on his next decking project…

Yes we might be a little more expensive, but fixing bad waterproofing costs a whole lot more…buy the best you can the first time.

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