Job Profile-Shell Beach Home Gets New Deck, Protected By Desert Crete Decking

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Central Coast Waterproofing teamed up with Tom Murray of Clean Cut Construction to waterproof a large deck Clean Cut Construction was adding on at a home on Vista Del Mar in Shell Beach. The job was completed last week with the application of a textured finish and pigmented sealer.

The owners wanted a private deck to put a hot tub and enjoy their ocean view. The contractor wanted a deck with waterproofing that he wouldn’t have to worry about. We showed Tom the benefits of Desert Crete and why he should spend a little more on our product over our competitors. Tom agreed that the product and our company were the best qualified to do the job.

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After the deck was framed and the substrate in, we installed flashings, door pans for the 2 doors and waterproofed the deck, leaving it with a “construction coat” meaning work could continue while our decking materials kept the job dry. When all the other trades are done, we come back to complete the deck.

Desert Crete is a ICC-ES approved Class A and One Hour Fire rated assembly, suitable as a roof/walking deck surface. It’s ICC report is #1661. When looking at deck coatings, make sure yours is an approved bonafide deck system by looking it up at ICC-ES’ website. Click here to review Traffic Coating reports Desert Crete, it can’t be beat!

Last week we returned after several months of construction. We applied texture and paint and the deck was done. Another great job by our professional team!

Anything less than ICC fire resistant approved coatings and you could be risking a lot!

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