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Several years ago I was a project manager on a large job in the City of Long Beach; an apartment community at Pine Ave and 6th Street which had been built 15 years ago. The complex was in dire need of updating it’s tired appearance. Leaks on decks of individual units caused the maintenance staff to spend a lot of time drying out carpets and ceilings. The main courtyard was a veritable jungle, with planter boxes everywhere and the landscaping had run amok. Leaks into the garage below was a major problem. Something needed to be done!

The time had come to renovate this building. The scope of work included upgrading apartments, painting the building, renovating all the decks off each unit, all 130 of them, fixing dry-rotted framing and the major fix was to be the complete renovation and redo of the Courtyard, a 14,000 square foot poured concrete slab that also was the roof for the underground parking lot.  Water intrusion into the garage in the past had caused damage to cars from water dripping chlorides onto the roofs and hood/trunks and damaging their finish.

The general contractor selected was Cal Building and Maintenance. Working with Cal Building (CBMI) as the project manager for the waterproofing, Bill Leys of Central Coast Waterproofing provided the sub-contractor to perform the work. Manpower was essential with the size and scope of the project, as the completion schedule was pretty demanding. Working around tenants coming and going everyday would prove to be a challenge.

The building was completely scaffold-ed, decks and stucco were torn out and the dryrot damage discovered was astounding!   Scupper openings through the walls were found to be lacking counter-flashing where the scupper protruded from the wall. Water had run inside and damaged a lot of framing!

Decks were rebuilt by CBMI, and the sub-contractor then installed new flashing’s and Desert Crete decking from Hill Brothers Chemical Co. Sloping to the new scuppers was done with the Desert Crete materials. Challenging obstacles on the decks included cable wires run through the substrate straight up through all 3 floors.  Since the cables were live and TV’s everywhere would go dark for weeks and weeks, the decision was made to not re-route the cables.    These all had to be specially flashed to try to keep water out.

The courtyard project was to prove to be my biggest challenge. CBMI had demo’d off the planters after removing the landscaping from the boxes. Sad to see perfect palm trees getting cut down, but there was no economical way to save them and crane them out. After the courtyard was emptied, the job was turned over to me and my sub.

The old urethane coatings needed to be removed, the deck scarified and shotblasted and then sloped, new drains put in and waterproofed. Dynaguard was brought in to do the coatings removal after the deck sub ran into problems with the removal of the coatings. Large scapring machines running off propane were brought in, with a blade similar to a razor to scrape off the coating. After most materials was removed by scraping, the whole surface was shot blasted to profile the concrete for the application of Desert Flex, a polymeric waterproofing membrane.

After demo’ing the deck and opening some stucco to flash in a few areas, it was found that the existing wall to deck flashing’s were all rotted and needing replacement.A change order for almost $20,000 was the result! 2300 lineal feet of stucco covered walls had to be opened, new L flashing’s installed and the walls repaired.

A bond coat was applied to the deck after new drains were cored through the slab. After the bond coat, we flooded the deck to find our low spots. After we marked and filled all our low spots, the fiberglass/waterproofing was applied. A screed coat over the glass protected it from traffic and construction. Another flood test revealed some more low spots and these were filled.

Then we waited while a deck was framed over apx 7,000 square feet of the courtyard. The design plan was to build a raised deck that would be set up as an attractive area to congregate and relax. Cal Buildings sub built the deck and after the framing was ready, we came back and applied texture around and under the framed deck to ensure a nice even finish. The deck was finished and we came back and textured the rest of the courtyard and applied two coats of Desert Brands water based concrete/masonry sealer.

The project was completed behind schedule due to significant dry-rot repairs and other repairs that needed to be made, however, the project came out great, the new courtyard has great appeal, the new decks provide the building owner security in knowing they are protected with Desert Crete.

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