Central Coast Waterproofing, The Exclusive Kretus Epoxy Flooring Contractor in San Luis Obispo, Is Now Offering Concrete Shot-Blasting Services.

Central Coast Waterproofing is now the exclusive installer for Kretus Flo0ring, an epoxy coating distributor located in southern California. Kretus line of Quartz, Polyescent, Lava Flow and Polyaspartic epoxies offer unique floor choices to our clients. There isn’t anything else as cool or fashionable as what these floors offer.

Central Coast Waterproofing has also added shot blasting and concrete coating removal to it’s list of services too.

Our  Lava Flow, Polyaspartic and Polyescent epoxy flooring presents wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, automobile dealers, nightclubs and salons with the hottest looks in the flooring industry today. Watch as we pour one color epoxy and let it run, then watch in amazement as we pour the second color in and the fun begins! Our floors mix together in mysterious ways that result in unique floors that  what no one else will have.

Using propane torches, denatured alcohol and other neat tricks, we can create “one of a kind art” flooring that will have your friends and neighbors jealous.

Polyescent epoxy flooring is the perfect compliment to your car collection; your classic Porsche, Ferrari, BMW or  American pony car deserves the finest showroom look that reflects the hard work you’ve put into your cars.

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To ensure that your flooring will adhere properly,

We have added to our equipment a

Blastrac 1-8DEZ, a 9″ wide shot blaster

Blastrac BDC-1216 Dustless Vacuum

Blastrac 7″ Grinder w/Shroud

Makita Crack Chaser

With this equipment, we are now prepared to offer clients a far superior method of concrete preparation than using only a grinder or pressure washing. Shot blasting is a method where the machine fires lead shot a a high speed into the floor. The laitatance or softer concrete is removed, leaving a “primed” roughened up surface that will allow the epoxy to bond.

Grinding the field of a floor can leave uneven swirls and gouges that will show through the new floor, especially with  gloss finishes. Shot blasted floors are far superior as the blast media is uniformly distributed, removing the same amount of material with every pass.

Pressure washing is effective only when pressure per square inch exceeds 5000 at the nozzle. This is the only alternative method, but few pressure washers are capable of delivering that amount of pressure. Injecting water into the concrete also creates moisture issues.

Shot blasting is environmentally friendly and  provides the most economic solution to your surface preparation projects.

Compare our preparation work and epoxy coatings to Ultimate Garage, Deck Tech, Stonetech, California Coatings, One Source Home Solutions, Topstone or any other competitor in San Luis Obispo.I think you’ll agree that our work is far more extensive in comparison.

We offer more surface preparation expertise than our competitors, yet we’re priced competitively.

We guarantee our floors for up to ten years  when we apply a  chemical resistant urethane clear coat over the epoxy finish combined with a maintenance agreement .

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