Job Profile-Emerald Circle Morro Bay

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A client in Orange County was referred to me by a friend; the house he had built in the Cloisters in Morro Bay a few years ago was having deck problems. The deck coating was not holding up, leaks had occurred and several attempts to make repairs were semi-successful. I looked at the job over a year and half ago; the contractor tried one more time with his deck guy, but after a miserable attempt at “fixing” the problems, the homeowner was still not satisfied.

So back I came, and we opened the deck edges to see why the water was pooling at the edges, wouldn’t drain properly and still had cheap urethane coatings bubbling up on the copper edge flashings.

We found that the stucco stop/nailing strip was fastened very poorly using 1″ roofing nails and staples designed for holding fabric. The second problem was that they used plywood for a stucco stop/nailing strip. Well plywood can only be nailed through the face, not through the edge, where a nail will split the bonded layers apart.

We removed the old stucco stops/nailing strips, replaced them with ripped down 2/x doug fir studs and installed new copper flashings, sanded and primed. We opened the stucco to install the L flashing and lap it over the drip, instead of using gobs of caulk. New Desert Crete decking was installed over the urethane coating, a knockdown texture applied and then we painted it out.

The Desert Crete system will give these homeowners a long lasting deck, the builder is happy and another deck is done right in SLO County. Get your deck done right when you call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert!

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