Job Profile-Recreating a Sandy Beach on A Deck

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Pacific Ave in Cayucos CA is a ocean front street, on one side the homes sit right on the beach. On the other side, a great view awaits and with the many ocean access areas around, is only a minute walk to the beach.

The clients whose house was on the street side wanted a little “sandy beach” at home. Their newly built deck was ready to be waterproofed. After showing them our Desert Crete waterproof deck system, they were sold. Now we just had to pull off a “sandy beach” effect.

After installing copper flashings to the edges and walls, we installed the Desert Crete system as per ICC-ESR 1661, then we started

Mixing grey texture with charcoal colorant (sparingly) and then we troweled out the deck, seeking to mimic the way a tide would leave a beach-swirls, different colors from the volcanic sand. No sea shells or seaweed, although maybe an impression of such would have been cool…

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