Job Profile-Deck Renovation Costs 1000x More Than Maintenance Would Have!

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I always preach that maintenance of decks costs less than replacement of decks. Does anyone listen? I guess not…

An HOA client in Solvang CA has decks off their living rooms. The decks have a slip sheet system on them, and their maintenance has been ignored for years. On this deck I found 2 areas by the scuppers that were soft. In the field by the door, another soft spot. The only clue-a piece of trim with coating run up it, instead of behind it.

Stripping the deck at the edge, we find rotted OSB substrate. Underneath, even more damage. The framing has substantial rot in it, a result of leaky scuppers. Not from the deck, but from the lack of counter-flashing on the exterior side of the scupper. Water running out the scupper ran back under the scupper and inside the wall, where it settled in and began the rot process. Took a few years, but hey, water has nothing else to do but bide it’s time…

This whole deck was demo’d down to the joists, all new exterior grade plywood was installed after replacing the framing that was rotted and Desert Crete was used to waterproof the deck.

Moral-regular inspections, repairs and resealing would have cost a lot less than the nearly $7,000 repair bill this HOA paid to replace the deck. How many hits like that can your HOA absorb? Cheaper to maintain.

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