Central Coast Waterproofing Is Your Exclusive Desert Crete/Desert Flex Deck Coating Installer in Santa Barbara, Monterey, San Luis Obispo

Some deck coating manufacturers will make just about any contractor an “authorized” installer. Show up at one or two seminars, watch someone do a demonstration for 4-8 hours, get a certificate.

I choose to stay away from these types of manufacturer’s and coatings; all to often I see the results of a botched job by someone who decided they wanted to install waterproof deck coatings.

Central Coast Waterproofing is the exclusive Desert Brand installer here on the central coast. Desert Brand decking and flooring provide tough durable waterproofing. But not just any contractor can be a Desert Brand contractor. Why not? Because the manufacturer wants qualified applicators who are professional, have demonstrated experience on verifiable projects, have references and only apply deck coatings.

Some companies that we compete with around the central coast do termite work on days they don’t have any decks to do, construction, painting and other diversions that prevent them from concentrating on the fine details that make a complete waterproof deck.Who do you want on your waterproofing job? A specialist who does decks everyday or someone who dabbles in waterproofing when they don’t have other work?

Take a look at our applicator approval here CCW’s DESERT BRAND APPROVED APPLICATOR LETTER

Central Coast Waterproofing is the exclusive Desert Brand applicator on the central coast and is ready to serve you with the finest ICC-ES code approved deck coating from Desert Brand. I say Desert Crete can’t be beat! Let me show you why.

Desert Crete is Class A and One Hour rated as fire resistant assemblies. Why is this important? Because if in the event of a fire, Desert Crete will help resist the fire from burning your home. See my post further down the page about a fire on an apartment building. It may give your home the edge it needs in a wildfire. Are you really willing to risk your home for cheaper coatings that don’t meet code or have the same fire ratings? Read the Desert Crete ICC-ES Report by clicking here.

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