Job Profile-Desert Crete Defeats Arsonist?

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One of my clients in Monterey has many apartment communities. Years ago I sold him on the benefits of Desert Crete-tough durable, perfect for the wear and tear placed on the decks and walkways of his properties.

Back in the fall, one of his properties was the unfortunate target of an apparent arsonist, who it appears was trying to do harm to a tenant/tenants on the property. A incendiary device was set off at 2 locations-down in a garage and at the front door of a unit. The resulting fire left over 20 people homeless, smoke and water damage makes a mess.

Looking at the damage though and the walkways/garage roof, it looks to me like the fire was slowed down/stymied by the One Hour Fire rated Desert Crete/plywood assembly built to ICC-ESR 1661 requirements. The fire severely charred the joists and plywood, but I could find no evidence of damage through the top of the decking-it looks perfect! (except for the soot).

Did Desert Crete help stymie the arsonist?  Not sure for sure, I have asked the Fire Dept what their opinion is…but looking at these pics and seeing how damaged the joists are, we know that fire was hot!

It’s your choice, but why accept anything less than a fire rated decking system? Desert Crete, it can’t be beat!

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