Featured Job – Waterproofing a Commercial Building

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A client in Atascadero CA has suffered for years with water intrusion through a wall into the commercial space they lease to a tenant. Finally sick of the problem, they hired Central Coast Waterproofing to cure the problem.

After the wall was excavated, we found old waterproofing that had been applied over even older waterproofing. The failure of the second waterproofing applicator was not removing the old failed first application.

We scraped and ground off the failed layers of waterproofing, patched the bug holes and rotted concrete and then installed a cold liquid applied waterproofing to apx 70 mils dry film thickness, then applied Carlisle drain board affixed with termination bar to take ground water down to the french drain that was installed.

Water infiltration into dwellings and commercial space costs billions every year. Prevent structural damage, mold, mildew and other problems with properly waterproofed walls and foundations. Call Central Coast waterproofing today at 805-545-8300