Featured Job-Hotel Abrego Pool Deck Gets A Makeover

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Five years ago I sold a job renovating a pool deck through an old company I worked for. I got called by the client to come back and clean up their Desert Flex covered pool deck after some hard use.

The Hotel Abrego in Monterey is a nice hotel, newly renovated and within walking distance of Monterey’s waterfront.

My client requested his pool deck be cleaned and painted, but after looking at it, I realized it needed a little bit more than that. Cracks had re-opened, the pool coping sealant had dried up and shrunk, some concrete repairs had left the deck with an aesthetic problem.

Central Coast Waterproofing came in and in 4 days ground down the concrete repairs, removed the Deck-O-Seal and replaced it with new, fixed the cracks and retextured the deck and painted it with a water based sealer from Desert Brand.

Pool decks, concrete surfaces and patios will all benefit from an overlay and redo rather than tearing out old concrete. Call Central Coast Waterproofing today for a free estimate on your pool deck rehab work. 805-545-8300